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Coolidge Community Cabinet

Meeting Attendees:  Coolidge Working Group Members: Alexis Richburg, Allen V. Banks, Andrea Browning, Andrella Smith, Elizabeth Roen, Howard A. Burnett, Julie Lawson, Michael Cohen, Nancy Smith, Randi Williams, Robert Bettmann, Sarah Raskin, Scot Knickerbocker, Shawn Ruffing, Terry Goings  Not in Attendance: Charles Anthony Woods, Courtney Savoy, Dawn Person, Diane Jackson, Frank Jones III, Megan Fitzgerald, Pete Sprunger, Ricardo Campos, Shirley Richardson  Coolidge High School: Assistant Principal Camille Robinson  DCPS School Planning and Facilities Teams: Teresa Biagioni, Josh Tuch, Andrew Katz-Moses  Office of Family and Public Engagement: Cassandra Sánchez Full notes can be found: https://dcpsplanning.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/coolidge-community-working-group-notes/

MacFarland Middle School AP-Principal chosen

Assistant Principal appointment: After gathering input from a community panel – thank you to folks for participating! – and consulting with Principal Aqueelha James, Mark Sanders has been appointed as Assistant Principal of MacFarland Middle School. He will serve as an AP under Principal James’ leadership during SY16-17 and SY17-18 and then transition to a full principal ship once MacFarland moves into its newly modernized building and grows its enrollment to include neighborhood feeder schools in SY18-19. You can find more information about him on our School Planning blog. - - School Improvement Team (SIT) process: We will begin the SIT process this fall for MacFarland planning for the SY18-19 opening of the building. We will provide more information as we have it.

Modernization Planning for Coolidge HS underway

Visit this website https://dcpsplanning.wordpress.com/category/coolidge/ to get updates on the Coolidge planning